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Precision CNC Aluminum Main Rotor Hub w/ Button - BLADE MCPX/S
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CNC Blade 200 S Performance package (RED) - BLADE 200 S

CNC Blade 200 S Performance package (RED) - BLADE 200 S

Product Code: MH-20S-PPR
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Price: $122.99

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This product was added to our catalog on 04/17/2017
Product infomation was last updated on 05/23/2018

CNC Blade 200 S Performance package (RED) - BLADE 200 S

The CNC Blade 200 S Performance package is specifically designed with material strength and precise CNC tolerances, to optimize for stability, durability, response and overall performance of the Blade 200 S helicopter.

With its stylish look, outstanding features and designs, precision CNC high-performance parts and more, get ready to experience the next level of the CNC Blade 200 S Performance package by Microheli.

Note: You SAVE MORE THAN 10% OFF ordering this Performance package and only exclusively at Microheli.


1 x Precision CNC Aluminum Swashplate MH-2SRX112  
1 x Precision CNC AL Main Rotor Hub w/ Button MH-2SRX101B  
1 x Precision CNC Aluminum Main Blade Grip set MH-2SRX102  
1 x Delrin Main Gear w/ Auto-Rotation Hub set MH-2SRX167  
1 x Aluminum Canopy Mount set MH-20S105CM   
1 x Aluminum Anti-Rotation Guide MH-20S111  
1 x Stainless Steel Spindle Shaft MH-2SRX004  


Stainless Steel


Optimizes for stability, durability, response and overall performance
High precision and aesthetics
Precision CNC Aluminum Swashplate: Machined with precise CNC tolerances from Aluminum to gain the best precision together with Stainless Steel Anti-Rotation Pin, Stainless Steel Ball Linkages to prevent wear and tear for long time use; The high quality selected Radial Bearing is utilized to minimize any unwanted slops and plays between upper swash and lower swash; Technically re-engineered center ball in line with swash arm balls to allow the Swashplate tilting linearly and precisely which produces the most accurate and fast cyclic response and cyclic power on Blade 200 SR X/ 200 S flybarless head system for optimal flight performance
Precision CNC AL Main Rotor Hub w/ Button: Optimized utilizing Head Button and Steel Washers for improvements in the stock hole deviation and odds washers for maximum precision, stability and optimal flight performance
Delrin Main Gear w/ Auto-Rotation Hub set: Utilizes One-Way Bearing, so it is able to keep Auto-Rotation for 3D flights; The CNC Delrin Main Gear does not get backwards at when motor increases or reduces speed for optimal flight performance; as well as gives you the easy and best set-up ever
Unique and stylish Precision CNC materials




Use for Blade 200 S 


Read and follow the Assembly Instruction carefully
Loctite (#242 is recommended) is required to apply to all mechanical screws for safety precaution
Basic hand tools


Manual and Instruction included


Blade 200 S is a registered trademark of Horizon Hobby, LLC

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