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Microheli Upgrade Parts Finder

We welcome you to Microheli’s Ready-To-Buy Area, the best place to give you the optimal browsing and performance when shopping on Microheli Website.
The objective: Make people comfortable clicking on the Add-to-Cart button.


Under TOPICS, find the course you wish to order with your suggested item numbers. When you find the item number, click on it.
* The Microheli Upgrade Parts Finder will be loaded into the main page. If the Microheli Upgrade Parts Finder has multiple pages in illustrator, the menu will be shown on the part search image.
* Each Microheli Upgrade Parts Finder has either actual part numbers, or simple numbered areas pointing to the exploded parts diagram.
Click on one of the item numbers. They will upload the product details in an overlaid area, where you can view details of the parts, and also allows you to add one or more of them to your shopping cart.

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