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Plastic Tail Blade 47mm (ORANGE) - MCPXBL / BL2

Plastic Tail Blade 47mm (ORANGE) - MCPXBL / BL2

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Plastic Tail Blade 47mm (ORANGE) - MCPXBL / BL2

The Plastic Tail Blade 47mm is the new design creates a stylish overall appearance, which not only adds a cool new look to your Blade mCP X BL / BL2 helicopter, but also significantly aids in high visibility.

See and feel the difference. Make your tail blades stand out from the crowd!


2 x Long Plastic Tail Blade 47mm (GREEN)




47mm tail blade length
Creates a cool new overall appearance, with high visibility
Unique and stylish plastic material


0.23g (Single blade)


For Blade mCP X BL / BL2


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