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Aluminum Canopy Mount set - BLADE 230S / 230S V2

Aluminum Canopy Mount set - BLADE 230S / 230S V2

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Aluminum Canopy Mount set - BLADE 230S / 230S V2

The Aluminum Canopy Mount set is optimized for rigidity and durability of the BLADE 230S / 230S V2 helicopter. It is directly replaced the stock plastic.

The new design provides the best rigidity from CNC Aluminum material, the rigid platform and firm hold of Canopy, and the easy assembly installation and removal ever, without the fuss and bother.


1 x Aluminum Canopy Mount set




Optimized for rigidity and durability
Directly replaced the stock plastic
Rigid platform and firm hold of Canopy
Easy assembly installation and removal
Unique and stylish CNC Aluminum material




Use for BLADE 230S / 230S V2


Read and follow the Assembly Instruction carefully
Loctite (#242 is recommended) is required to apply to all mechanical screws for safety precaution
Basic hand tools


Manual and Instruction included


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