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Precision CNC Aluminum Swashplate (RED) - BLADE MCPX/S
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Electric Blue Lightning
  • Electric Blue Lightning
  • Electric Blue Lightning
  • Electric Blue Lightning

Electric Blue Lightning

Product Code: SPYDER300I-EBL
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Price: $269.99

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This product was added to our catalog on 12/13/2016
Product infomation was last updated on 06/12/2017

Electric Blue Lightning

Introducing 300-Class electric flybarless helicopter by Microheli, the Electric Blue Lightning. Fully equipped with high performance CNC parts to meet today’s 3D pilots demand.

The Electric Blue Lightning was designed with full features, and to provide with the best quality product on the market with following highlights:

- All parts are CNC machined from Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, and Delrin material

- Lowered head system design to gain more stability and response in control; Shorten Main Shaft will significantly reduce the wobbles and increase rigidity

- Strong Frame design for optimum performance, using the perfect combination of CNC Aluminum and Carbon Fiber material to form the best rigid block with Servo arrangement at 120˚ for maximum precision

- Battery Tray is adjustable up and down to accommodate for different battery sizes, and the ease of maintenance

- With the Fiberglass Tail Boom secured to the Frame, it gives a solid structure to reduce unnecessary vibes, wags, or twist which yield an accurate and crisp flight feeling. This aspect is critical for 3D flights at high head speed

- The Tail System is CNC machined and designed on the Dual Arm principle to bring solidity, accuracy, and silky smooth movement

- The all new Landing Gear and Vertical Fin design has unique look with the strongest material in its class

The Electric Blue Lightning is overall the greatest choice for the 3D pilots who demand the best out of the 300-size class. With the unique look, best feature in design, full CNC high performance parts and more. Get ready to experience the next level of the Electric Blue Lightning by Microheli.

Just feel the difference and make it stand out from the crowd!


1 x Complete 300-Class electric flybarless helicopter kit
Plastic  Main blades and Plastic tail blades
Tail Drive Belt


6061 and 7075 Aluminum
1.5mm Carbon Fiber Main Frame
Delrin Main Gear


300-Class electric 3D Flybarless helicopter
Full CNC Aluminum from tail case to the head
120˚ Swash Plate
DFC Head
Carbon Fiber Tail Boom
Extremely Strong Landing Gear
Belt Driven Tail Blades




Sports, Intermediate, and Advance 3D


Kit assembly by an experienced hobbyist
Loctite (#242 is recommended) is required when fasten metal screws to metal parts for safety precaution
Basic R/C hand tools
3S, 1380mAh Li-Po battery MH-13803S50
Choice of Receiver or Satellite
3 x Micro Cyclic servos MH-DS003S
1 x Micro Tail servo
1 x SPMAR7210BX DSMX Flybarless Control System
1 x Talon 25 AMP ESC, 6S / 25V with 8 AMP BEC
1 x 6 Ch. Transmitter
1 x Brushless Motor 3600KV MH-BL300


Manual and Instruction included


  General Specifications
Type: 300-Class electric flybarless collective pitch helicopter
Main Rotor Diameter: 550mm
Tail Rotor Diameter: 140mm
Length: 530mm
Main Gear Ratio: 12.7:1
Control System: 120 degree CCPM
Rotor Blade Length: 245mm
Experience: Expert
Recommended Environment: Indoor/ Outdoor


  Table of Contents
Head System Assembly P.1
Frame System Assembly P.2
Landing Gear Assembly P.6
Tail System Assembly P.7




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Electric Orange Lightning
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Price: $269.99
mm in
gr oz
kg.cm oz.in
°C °F
Battery Discharge Rate
Capacity Rating Discharge
mAh x C Ampere
Flight Time
Battery Capacity Motor Rating Flight Time
mAh A Minute
Gear Ratio
Motor Pinion Main Gear Gear Ratio
Teeth Teeth :1
Head Speed
Max. Head Speed RPM
Motor KV Rating Battery Voltage Gear Ratio
RPM/V V :1